Frequently Asked Questions 

Our office and staff get many frequently asked questions so below is a list of these questions and our answers. However, if this does not answer your question entirely or if you have another question, please contact our office.

1. How do I become a member of St. Andrew's?

Fantastic! If you've been enjoying your Sunday mornings worshiping at St. Andrew's and are thinking of becoming a member, talk to the minister and learn what it means. The minister will be able to answer all of your questions and guide you to what's right for you.

2. What is Communion?

Communion, the breaking of bread and drinking of wine or grape juice, reminds us of Jesus. In Communion we are united with Jesus and with each other; we are strengthened to go out into the world as a "symbol of hope for a troubled age." Communion is thanksgiving and a memorial of Christ's life and death.

At St. Andrew's, Communion is held:

- Second Sunday in March
- Third Sunday in May
- First Sunday in October
- Second Sunday in December

3. How do I get my child baptized?

Baptism can occur at any age at St. Andrew's. It occurs in conjunction with a profession of faith and admission to church membership. Believing parents bring their child for Baptism and promise to raise their child to love and serve God. The entire congregation promises to support the child. Usually the minister pours or sprinkles water on the person's head in Baptism. The waters of Baptism symbolize refreshment, cleansing, new life, the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Because Baptism is seen as an act of the whole church and a sign of church membership, Baptism always happens in the presence of the worshipping congregation. To discuss baptism, please contact our Minister.

4. Can I get married at St. Andrew's?

First of all, Congratulations!! Our best wishes to you and your fiancée! For information regarding marriage, please contact our Minister. He will be able to answer all of your questions.



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