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Easter Crafts

The members of the Women's Missionary Society engaged in creating this Easter craft after their meeting last week.




Redeemer University College Concert Choir

On Sunday, February 16, St. Andrew’s hosted the Redeemer Concert Choir. Under the direction of Christian Teewsen the choir performed a repertoire spanning 5 centuries of choral music treasures. This was an exciting evening at St. Andrew’s.


Stained Glass Restoration Complete!

The Parrott Foundation's funding, Sandpiper Studio's restoration work and Craig Hopkins craftsmanship were thanked for their assistance in completing the restoration of the Stained Glass windows was held at the Sunday Service on January 26, 2020. Service was followed by a spaghetti luncheon hosted by the Women's Missionary Society.







The last window to be completed had 4 layers to be restored and was in seveeral pieces, but the finished window was beautiful.


The spaghetti luncheon was a huge success.


WMS Christmas Sharing








We had 16 people helping with the packing on Monday and about 13 people assisted with the driving and delivery for Christmas Sharing.

WMS Coffee time


Many congregants meet after Sunday Service for coffee and a time of fellowship.

WMS Christmas Luncheon



WMS Christmas Luncheon at The Piper's Arm in Belleville in Tuesday, had a nice meal & a Secret Santa gift exchange, packed homemade cookies for our shut-ins & friends.

Presbyterian Chorus

On Sunday, October 27th St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Belleville, hosted the Ontario Presbyterian Chorus. It was a wonderful evening of song and praise. Alistair McCallum directed the Presbyterian Chorus. Approximately 30 talented voices performed a variety of hymns of praise and worship. Marie McLaren also directed the Chorus. Mina Park accompanied the Chorus for the evening. Joel Bootsma, a member of the St. Andrew’s congregation, was guest violin soloist for the evening.






Thanksgiving Celebration


The congregation stood behind the Thanksgiving display being reminded of all our blessings.

Battle of Britain Colour Service

St. Andrew's celebrated a special service in remembrance of the Battle of Britain with members of the RCAFA 418 Wing branch.







Church Sign


A special recognition for an excellent job being done on the stain glass windows and a huge thank you for the funding.

Bridge Dinner




On Tuesday, June 11, St. Andrew’s travelled to see the Port Hope Production of Guys & Dolls. After shopping downtown we headed off to the Railside Restaurant for a wonderful Roast Beef Dinner with a Lemon Raspberry dessert. The show production was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed. We arrived back at St. Andrew’s around 6:00. Everyone had a wonderful day

Bridge Dinner



On Wednesday, May15th, the St. Andrew’s Bridge players had their annual dinner at St. Andrew’s. Sixteen members enjoyed a hot roast beef dinner with coffee and dessert. The kitchen staff enjoyed their efforts and look forward to seeing them again next year.

North American Boyz





St Andrew’s hosted the Southern Gospel Group “North American Boyz” on Friday May 10th. It was a wonderful evening of music and celebration. A free-will offering was taken for THE BELLEVILLE PREGNANCY & FAMILY CARE CENTRE.

Organ Documenting


On Saturday, May 11, Francine and Matthieu from St. Thomas, documented our organ. They took photos and took samples of voices for inclusion on their Web Page highlighting the pipe and reed organs of the various Belleville churches.








The WMS raised $315 at their luncheon last Sunday. Thank you to all those who helped in any way.

Remembering the 100th year Annniversary of St. Andrew's


In celebration of the 100th Anniversary at St. Andrew's the choir dressed up for a picture in the front of the church.

Parrott Foundation Donation for Stained Glass Window Restorations for St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 

The Stained-Glass Windows in the St. Andrew’s sanctuary are in desperate need of a facelift to ensure their stability for the future. Fundraising efforts were given a positive boost from a donation from the John M. and Bernice Parrott Foundation Inc. The funds will allow work to be completed to preserve the six beautiful windows. The St. Andrew’s congregation has felt the Lord’s blessings through this generous gift.
The work has begun on the windows.

w1 w2

Anniversary Sunday


Pastor Job and his wife Jacqueline prepare for Advent. St. Andrew’s celebrated their 187th Anniversary today.

Come Let Us Adore Him




On Friday, November 23rd St Andrew’s presented a service for Advent. It was prepared by Jacqueline van Hartingsveldt. Susan Gray sang Panis Angelicus and Come Unto Him (Handel) accompanied by Jacqueline on the organ. Lorraine Ymker played a medley of Carols and accompanied Joel Bootsma for La Cinquataine for piano and violin. It was a wonderful evening to prepare for advent.

Church Picnic




On Saturday, August 26, St. Andrew’s was invited to a picnic at Pastor Job and Jaqueline’s house for a Church picnic. It was a clear sunny, breezy day and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Anniversary and Birthday Celebrations



Barry and Bonne Birkett celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and Jacueline van Hartingsveldt had a birthday celebration with cake and fellowship.

Sunday School Munch n' Go




The St. Andrew's Sunday School students, parents and grandparents held a Munch n' Go to raise money for the PWSD Gifts of Change. This is just one of many fundraisers that the Sunday School has done for PWSD.

Study Bible Presentation



Pastor Job van Hartingsveldt presented Sara Gray with her own Study Bible to take with her as she sets off to Queen's University and Seth Nash to Algonquin College.

50th Anniversary Celebration

JJ Carol




The Canada Day festivities at St. Andrew's were combined with the 50th Wedding Annniversary Celebration for our interim moderator Job van Hartingsveldt and his wife Jacqueline, our organist. Jacqueline was accompanied by Lorraine Ymker on the piano and Joe Bootsma on the violin for a special addition to the music program. Many of Jacqueline's family from the east coast, including her mother, joined us for the celebration.

Ontario Presbyterian Chorus



The Ontario Presbyterian Chorus performed at St. Andrew’s on Sunday, June 3rd. The choir has been in existence under the direction of Alastair McCallum for the last 27 years. They performed a variety of traditional and uplifiting hymns that reflected their objective of 1) with a message, 2) with a mission and 3) with a vision of a lost and needy world. Everyone enjoyed a reception after the event.

14th Birthday Celebration


Noah Donnan and his family (4 generations) helped the St. Andrew's congregation celebrate Noah's birthday with cake and treats. Noah is the church media person on Sunday mornings.

Bridge Dinner


On Wednesday, May 16 the W.M.S. (Women’s Missionary Society) catered the St. Andrew’s Bridge Club ‘s annual dinner. The menu was hot roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a selection of desserts.

Munch & Go

paul rob

On Sunday, April 29, Grace and James assisted with the preparation and serving for the “Munch & Go”

Spring Celebration of Praise


paul rob


On Sunday April 22, St. Andrew’s hosted a Spring Celebration of Praise with Paul Mackay, Eric Lovell and Rob Rapino. These talented musicians led the congregation in a wonderful evening of praise and worship.

Easter Sunday Choir


Easter Sunday saw Jacqueline van Hartingsveldt lead the St. Andrew's Choir in the service, with Lorraine Ymker playing the accordion and Joe Bootsma on the violin.

Tuning of St. Andrew's Organ


organ2 organ3

On Thursday, March 22, our organ received one of its regular tunings. Sylvain Brisson from Ottawa was busy climbing up in the loft to tune the pipes. Rob, Pastor Job and Larry were there to access the ladder for reaching the pipes.

Dedication of Julie's Room


The new nursery has been dedicated in the memory of Julie Bamlett and will now be known as "Julie's Room". The completion of the nursery was very important to both Julie and Rob Bamlett.

Best Wishes for Mark and Randy Wallbridge


In the life of every family, there will always be moments of change.
Sadly, sometimes that change involves part of the family moving on
to begin a new journey on a different path in their life.
Well, the church family is no different and today we are reminded
of how hard it is to sometimes say farewell.

Mark and Randy Wallbridge have been kind, caring, compassionate
and dedicated family members to the St. Andrew’s family.
Their support with projects, committees, church functions and
sharing the spirituality of the Word of Christ have been a true
blessing to the existence and every day life of this church.
Despite us all knowing that this move is a new experience for both of them,
Mark and Randy will leave huge emptiness in our hearts.

Mark’s undeniable ability to provide visual assistance with our Sunday and
special worship services with his multi-media presentations along with
amazing pictures and animation have truly been an inspirational addition
to our worship services. Never hesitating to pitch in with dinners and
events or even helping to put a lawn mower shed together, Mark has
organ always provided and used whatever talents the Lord has given him to
benefit the life of the church.

Randy’s passion for the preparation and personal submissions to
The Fisherman’s Net has enabled the congregation and beyond to enjoy
the happenings of the church and the sharing of God’s word with each other.
Her dedication and commitment to the role as Chairperson of the Finance
and Maintenance Committee has been undeniably incredible. Her support
and duties with and for the Sunday School have been amazing.

This new chapter that has been presented to their lives is filled with
mystery and wonder as to how their personal lives will change. They
can certainly rest assured that the strength and spirit of this congregation
will be with them and follow them as they start this new segment of their lives together.

In 1 Peter, Peter tells us that “Each of us should use whatever gift we have
received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms”.
Paul again tells us in 1 Corinthians, “to eagerly desire spiritual gifts. We should
not become complacent or self-satisfied.”

Mark and Randy Wallbridge are living examples of two people who have utilized
their God given gifts to the fullest. They have never hesitated to use and share
the gifts they have been blessed with to enrich, strengthen and contribute to the
strength of the foundation of St. Andrew’s.

Both Mark and Randy’s perseverance and I will use the word again, passion,
for the congregation of St. Andrew’s can’t be measured with normal instruments,
but with God’s knowledge of their combined zest for the spiritual existence within
God’s family here.

Randy and Mark, the St. Andrew’s congregation and family can offer you both
nothing but our best wishes and extend our extreme excitement for your new
adventure together. You will both be sadly and terribly missed, with the life that
we have experienced and shared together. You will forever have a permanent
place in our hearts and St. Andrew’s will truly miss you both. Blessings and best
wishes for your future, and don’t forget to visit whenever you can.
The St. Andrew’s Congregation

8 Wing Concert band, 8 Wing Pipes and Drums and the Canadian Military Wives Choir Performance

pipes1 pipes2

pipes4 pipes5


Christmas Shoe Boxes


Remembrance Day


Joe and Noah

Repairs to the West Wall


Thanksgiving Communion Table


St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 3rd Year Anniversary Appreciation


In August of 2014 the of St. Andrew’s Belleville found themselves
without a shepherd to lead their flock. At that time the Tree of Hope was placed
at the front of the sanctuary as a reminder that with God, there is always hope.
In September of 2014, the Kingston Presbytery assigned Pastor Job Van Hartingsveldt
to be the congregation’s interim moderator. At that time he took us under his wing
and began to form a foundation for the people worshipping at St. Andrew’s and to
enable them to continue as a spiritual congregation.

There were many hurdles and wounds to be addressed, and most importantly
a vision needed to be established to consider keeping the church’s doors open.
Immediately becoming a part of the Future Directions Committee, while leading
Session and creating strong relationships with those in the congregation,
Pastor Job felt his calling went even deeper. In order to maintain a strong and
positive traditional leadership within the church, he extended his role to include
being the interim minister. This decision was strengthened with the addition of
his wife Jacqueline taking on the duties of organist and his son Joel helping with
collection, and then both becoming members of St. Andrew’s.
They have all become an important part of the St. Andrew’s family.

Job has been instrumental in nurturing the spiritual needs of the congregation,
providing strong leadership and providing worship services that teach the
understanding of the Word of Christ. He also ensures that there is positive
community outreach from within the church.

There have been many who felt that there was no future for the
St. Andrew’s congregation to be able to continue to serve it members,
adherents and friends from this beautiful place of worship. Pastor Job
has always let God be the light and the way, for the future of the
St. Andrew’s congregation.

Through the support and dedication of Pastor Job, this congregation is still
functioning with a vision for the future, and we can’t thank him enough for his efforts.
On behalf of Session, the Future Directions Committee, the Finance Committee
and the congregation of St. Andrew’s, we would like to take this opportunity to
thank Pastor Job for his leadership and continued work in spreading the
Good News of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
-September 10, 2017-

Lorrainenew Jacquelinenew

A special music themed service was held with Jacqueline van Hartingsveldt on the organ and Lorraine Ymker singing solo pieces.

Beauty and the Beast Bus Trip


beauty22 beauty3

On Tuesday, August 29th, St. Andrew's hosted a trip to Port Hope to see Beauty and the Beast. There was a full busload that shopped in Port Hope, ate a fabulous roast beef dinner at the Railside Restaurant and then settled in for over 2 hours of a great presentation. It was a great play. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were back in Belleville just after 6:00 PM.

Strawberry Supper Social

straw2 straw3

straw4 straw1

On Wednesday, June 21, St. Andrews hosted its annual Strawberry Supper. The plates included ham, deviled eggs, salad and of course a heaping plate of local strawberries.

Ontario Presbyterian Chorus


alistair Mina


On Sunday, May 28th, St. Andrew’s hosted the Ontario Presbyterian Chorus. The choir was represented by about 40 of their members who sang songs of praise and worship. Our own Barry Birkett performed with them. Alistair McCallum conducted and was accompanied by Mina Park on the piano and Nora Webster on the violin. It was a great evening followed by a Fellowship Reception in the auditorium. The free-will offering of $714 was split between Nightlight and St. Andrew’s.

Women's Missionary Society Annual General Meeting





On Saturday, April 22, the W.M.S. Presbytery Annual General Meeting was held at St. Andrew's. The meeting included speakers from P.W.S. & D. in Toronto and Hospice - Quinte West and a delicious lunch.

100 Year Anniversary of Vimy Ridge

nite light


Sunday, April 9 marked the beginning of the marking of the 100th anniversary of the Victory at Vimy Ridge which marked the establishing of Canada's role in the world. Thanks to Bev Mott for arranging this display of personal artifacts.

Communion Donation to Night Light

nite light

Our March Communion Offering was donated to Night Light. Thank-you to all who contributed to this worthwhile organization.

bev and gerry 1957 bev and gerry 2017
Bev and Gerry Boyce celebrated their 60th Anniversary. Congratulations to this wonderful couple.

Christmas Eve Service

Xmas 1 Xmas2

Xmas 3

St. Andrew's celebrated their Christmas Eve service with a choir lead by Jacqueline Van Hartingsveldt with solos by David Globe and Susan Gray.

Candlelight Service

Candle 1 Candle 2

Candle 3

St. Andrew's Candlelight Service led by George Couperus. George's granddaughter Rebecca Van Steenbergen also shared in the Spirit.

Christmas Sharing

xs 1 xs2

xs 3 xs2

St. Andrew's Christmas Sharing packing and preparation for delivery.

Sunday School Christmas Story

child 1 child 2

St. Andrew's Sunday School presented a Christmas Story for the congregation.

Advent Decorating

advent 1 advent 2

St. Andrew's dedicated helpers decorating the church for Advent.

185th Anniversary

Anniversary3 Anniversary2


St. Andrew's celebrated their 185th Anniversary on Sunday November 20, 2016. Don Corbett played the pipes as a special treat for our 185th Aniversary.

Christmas Shoe Boxes


In its annual Shoeboxes for Kids campaign, St. Andrews collected 51 boxes for Samaritan's Purse.

Remembrance Day


Joe Drummond placed the Memorial cross on the Communion Table on November 13, 2016.

Easter 2016

Easter Choir Easter Kids

St. Andrew's celebrated Good Friday and Easter Sunday with wonderful services both days. Under the direction of Jacqueline van Hartingsveldt the choir filled the church with spirit! The children from the Sunday School also joined the celebration.


Barry pastor

colin judy farewell

potluck speech

On Sunday, July 24th, St. Andrew’s congregation held a potluck luncheon to thank our youth volunteers. Alina Schmitt and Johanna Wiedamann worked many months with the youth from our church community. Pastor Job, Barry Birkett and Colin Leaver (coordinator for Youth Unlimited) spoke, recognizing the wonderful contribution that the girls had made to St. Andrew’s Youth Program.


On Sunday, June 12, St. Andrew’s hosted “Celebrate Jesus-the Bread of Life”.

It was directed by Jaqueline van Hartingsveldt. Soloists were Gary Birkett, Susan Gray and David Globe. We had a violinist, Jeanette Huang who was accompanied by Loraine Ymker on the piano.

The evening also had a free-will offering for the Gleaners. Ellen Enright spoke about the workings of the Gleaners in Belleville.

Susan Jeanette

Barry David

Choir Lorraine2

Male_chorus Ellen


Kindness week sign
Violence Awareness and Random Acts of Kindness celebrated its 20th year of raising awareness throughout the community.

David Globe Joel
David Globe preforming a solo and Joel Van Hartingsveldt doing a reading
for Easter Sunday.

Strawberry Strawberry

Worker's in preparation for the annual Women's Missionary Society's Strawberry Supper.

Thanks Table


Thanksgiving Sunday service on October 9, 2016

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