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Women's Missionary Society (W. M. S. ) and Helen Blair Fellowship

Meeting Day: Second Tuesday of each month
Meeting Time: 1:00 pm

"We welcome anyone who would like to be a part of our group, just come out and join us!"

The W.M.S. meets to enjoy one another's company, to study the Bible together, and to raise funds for St. Andrew's Church and for the worldwide missionary service of the Presbyterian Church. At present, the Fellowship has 15 members, with an average attendance of 10 at the monthly meetings. 20 per cent of the group's income from events such as rummage sales, pot luck suppers and special events supports missions and the rest of the funds are given to St. Andrew's Church.

The Fellowship supports the Church's adopted child, Christmas Sharing, Presbyterian World Service and Development, and knitting for missions. The ladies pack cookies for sick and shut-ins each Christmas and send birthday and get well cards as well as flowers to members who are ill.

For more information, please contact the WMS.






Friendship Quilters

Meeting Day: Fourth Wednesday of each month
Meeting Time: 10:00 - 3:00 pm

Needles stitching, machines whirring, scissors snipping, fabric swishing, cheerful chatter and friendly smiles. This must be a meeting of the Friendship Quilters!

It's a modern quilting bee underway to help and comfort those who need it, whether children or adults. The key to both the group and the quilts is that love is sewn into every quilt. It's that simple.

Caring merchants and individuals donate materials. Caring hands of the quilters sort through the donations choosing matching colours and fabrics. And soon...more caring hands turn piles of assorted fabrics into gifts of warmth and comfort for those who need it most.

For the Friendship Quilters, the love they sew into every quilt helps troubled children, such as those who survived the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, or comforts adults who have a special need for the feeling of comfort a good quilt provides. The Friendship Quilters, who meet at St. Andrew's Church the last Wednesday of every month, either work on the quilts at home or at meetings.

They also provide kits to other quilters, who are members of the Quinte Quilters Guild, so they can also help make the friendship quilts. Each kit includes batting, top and bottom materials, instructions for putting the quilt together, a special label and some wool or yarn for sewing. Often, the quilters add a touch of their own to each quilt by the way they do the stitching.

Historically, The World Book Encyclopaedia tell us that quilting dates from pre-historic times and were made strictly for warmth in bed from whatever materials could be stitched together. When the settlers began arriving in North America, those who made quilts saved scraps of various materials for making their quilts, because the fabrics were expensive and hard to come by. Even then, some of the quilts were designed to commemorate historic events or special family occasions. For example, a bride's quilt features lots of rings and flowers.

In the 1800's, with a variety of material becoming readily available, a type of quilt called the album quilt became popular. These quilts featured verses, quotations and a quilter's signature in needlework or ink. They were often presented to various family members to make note of a family milestone or to honour a special person.

The real story that quilts tell

The Friendship Quilters are making quilts for very special people indeed. In addition to being sewn with love, the quilt designs are of a more general nature because the quilters are using donated fabrics, with a great variety of colours and designs. For example, a baby's quilt features bunnies, or teddy bears, or animals, with bright, happy colours. For elderly and handicapped people who might be confined to a wheelchair, lap quilts feature subdued colours with soothing designs of hearts, birds and flowers. The Friendship Quilters spend hours trying to match top and bottom colours from all of the donated materials they receive. However, they do it all of this work in good-natured fellowship. With hands plying stitches, sorting materials, cutting fabrics, and working together, new quilts and quilt kits are quickly produced and the time flies by.

Each recipient of a Friendship Quilt will be forever soothed, warmed, and protected by the LOVE sewn right into it! The Friendship Quilters are friendly indeed and you don't even have to be a quilter to join the group and to help in this wonderful cause...just come out and have a good time!

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact the Friendship Quilters.


Hosted Groups

- Alanon meets every Tuesday at 10 a.m.


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