Worship 10:30 A.M.
Stated Supply and Interim Moderator: Pastor Job van Hartingsveldt
Guest Organist: Jacqueline van Hartingsveldt
Today's bulletin is in memory of all the Front Line Workers


  Sunday August 7, 2022

Organ Prelude
Welcome and Announcements

We gather as Godís People

Hymn: Praise the Lord with the sound of trumpet #466

Call to Worship: (from Isaiah & Living Faith)
Salvation comes from Godís grace alone, received through faith in Christ.
How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of those who bring the good news.
From all eternity, and through no merit on our part, God calls us to life in Christ.
Burst into songs of joy together, you ruins of Jerusalem, for the Lord has comforted his people.
Here is the good news of the Gospel! Jesus Christ is the elect one, chosen for our salvation. In him we are made acceptable to God.
I delight greatly in the Lord;
My soul rejoices in my God.
He has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness.

Sing: To God be the glory #350

Prayer of Adoration & Confession
Assurance of Pardon

We Listen for Godís Word

Old Testament: Isaiah 42:6
Jeremiah 31: 31-33

New Testament Reading: 2 Cor. 2: 14-17, 3: 12-18

Prayer for Illumination
Sermon: Christ-likeness: Our Identity

We Respond to Godís Word Hymn: Great is thy faithfulness #324

Pastoral Prayer

Closing Hymn:
Go my children, with my blessing, never alone.
Waking, sleeping, I am with you, you are my own.
In my Loveís baptismal river, I have made you mine forever.
Go my children, with my blessing, you are my own.

I, the Lord, will bless and keep you, and give you peace.
I, the Lord, will smile upon you, and give you peace.
I, the Lord, will be your Father, Saviour, Comforter, and Brother.
Go, my children, I will keep you and give you peace.


There will be a Congregational meeting today after worship


We need to remember to continue to pray for those who need our support.

Remember our congregants and friends: Jeanette Globe, Jim and Colin Mackay, Shirley Noble, Janice Browning, Diane Burley, Bev Mott, Bev Mottís sister Donna Durante and friend Anne, Norma Collins, David Globe, Bev and Gerry Boyce, Rob Bamlett, Judy and Larryís friend Bill, Noah and Carol Donnan, Lorraineís grandson Ryan, and Rev. Jennifer Cameron.

We especially want to pray for Pastor Job, Jacqueline and Joel. They are having a very difficult time and they need all our prayers.

The list will keep growing. Never doubt the power of prayer.
If you have a prayer request send it to carolmerrill27@gmail.com

A Warm Welcome to You

To preach and teach The Bible in a Traditional Service,
Glorifying God Through music That maintains quality,
And reverence in worship.

Join Us at 10:30 am Sundays

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church
67 Victoria Ave. Belleville

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Belleville
will share the gospel of Jesus Christ
with all people through worship, teaching and service.

To be a living example of Christ's love
and healing power to all people.

If you know of someone who needs prayer,
please contact the Church office.




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